Saturday, October 14, 2006

Local news

So the Asian American community is in an uproar over this one lame writer, Jed Levine, for the Daily Bruin, the official college newspaper for UCLA. As any white man who inexplicably fears losing power and control, he calls himself an underrepresented minority on campus, and empathizes with members of the Black Student Union and MEChA stating, "it's hard to find other white people I can identify with on a campus that feels more like Taipei than L.A."

Perhaps Jed is just trying to be clever or facetious? You decide for yourself. However, if that was his intention, I think he failed miserably. But then again, he's just a student writer for a shitty college paper, so I don't even really care.

I mean, it's not like he's LA Times writer Joel Stein, who was able to humorously call out our own human hypocrisy, but still hold the Bush Administration responsible for the Iraq War and torture of prisoners. Now Joel is a good writer. Jed is just a dumb college kid.

Jed would have received accolades, rather than hate letters, if he were able to say, look, Asian students do out-number other students of color at UCLA and other public universities, and that the proportion of Asian students far exceed the proportion of Asians residing in the state. This is proof that something in the system is flawed for other students. But let's not blame Asian students for the campus feeling like Taipei. Let's criticize the current admissions policies that limit admissions to only grades and test scores.

Because the truth is, as we all know, when the racist Regents of the UC System decided to strictly interpret Prop. 209 and ostensibly implement "non-race based factors" for admissions, they were hoping to reduce admissions of ALL students of color, including Asians. But they erred in their plan of whitening the UC campuses. That's on them. Asians shouldn't be blamed for just showing up and acing the exams. We can't help it if we're fucken brilliant. We're just being who we are.

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