Thursday, May 25, 2006


Former Enron Corp. chiefs Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling were convicted today of conspiracy to commit securities and wire fraud in one of the biggest business scandals in U.S. history.
In light of current affairs, this was a scary trial. I feared that these crooks would get exculpated. Hooray that they're going DOWN!

Also, Alabama's Taylor Hicks was crowned the fifth "American Idol"

I haven't followed American Idol, but I knew Hicks was the underdog, especially when people repeated how old he was (with disgust, I might add). I correctly suspected that he's much younger than he looks... he's 29 years old! Ageism is a bitch.

More than 63 million votes were cast, "more than any president in the history of our country has received," Ryan Seacrest said.

That's really pathetic... but hooray to Hicks!

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