Friday, May 19, 2006

English-only bullshit

English would be declared the "national language" of the United States under a measure the Senate approved Thursday, a move that supporters said would promote unity and encourage assimilation by immigrants. The measure would establish that people have no right or entitlement to ask government officials to provide services or materials in other languages, unless authorized by law.

I don't understand why so many White Americans are threatened by other cultures and languages. It's not like limited-English speaking individuals have tons of power. They are not a threat. Immigrants are not de-unifying America.

My father, Yip Yee, can hardly speak, read or understand English, but he is a good citizen. He pays his taxes. He votes. He raised his children to be law-abiding (well, some of them...) and morally responsible. His kids speak perfect English, even better than Chinese. He taught us to value our education and opportunities, because there would be no chance in hell we would have received the same opportunities if my family didn't immigrate to America.

Yip Yee was able to do all this by leaving his beloved home country, away from all his friends and family and his culture, to come a foreign and intimidating country with little money and resources. He worked nearly everyday for the past 40 years, from morning to night, as a chef with no benefits and on wages that "real" Americans would never work for. He never received any public benefits, and never asked for hand-outs. At 70 years old, he continues to work even though he should clearly be retired.

Now you tell me when would my dad have had a chance to learn English? Do you think he should have gone to English language school after he worked 14 hours a day? Do you think he should have sacrificed the limited time he had to spend with his children so that he could study his English language books? Do you think he should have spent his hard earned dollars on English classes than spend it on diapers for his babies, or tuition for his kids?

These English-only proponents need a wake-up call. This measure would clearly divide America. It's unrealistic and places an extra burden on already struggling immigrants. But I know the truth... these English-only fucks really don't give a shit. I wish they would stop posturing it's about unity. I hate how the right has appropriated good concepts and has used it as a pretext for evil. They make me wanna throw up.


divine styler said...

damn, took the words right out of my mouth.

melbournette said...

You know what? It makes me fucking angry too!
We've been hearing a bit about this news in Australia and our hideous government is proposing moves that echo the sentiments of what your politicians are saying.
The Howard government is suggesting that all "new arrivals" undergo a test to determine their knowledge of "Australian Values" (whatever they are).
It's basically a move to further disenfranchise those members of our community already living here who don't speak the lingo and don't conform to the kind of faux-tolerant, secretly racist attitude that many Aussies are notorious for.
It's so sick.
It must be so frustrating living amongst the out and proud christian right-wingers that seem to swarm around the US!
Let's all move to New Zealand...