Sunday, July 1, 2007

Weekend story #2

Lady Pun in deep thoughts...

So a few of us hiked the trail at Bear Canyon in the San Gabriel Mountains today. It was an intense five hour hike, mainly due to the heat and lack of water on the return back. But like usual, Mother Earth is absolutely beautiful and wondrous so it's all good.

As we migrate toward the creek, we pass a group of older Asian people, maybe in their 50's or 60's, sitting at a picnic bench. There are about four men and two women. We pass them and say hello, even kind of bow our heads a little because, you know, we're taught to respect our elders. Then one of the men says with a smirk (and speaks only to the woman in our group, by the way), "Hey, are you going swimming? Did you pack your swimsuits? Let's see your swimsuits!"

We continue walking, speechless and of course grossed out.

Fuck! We were totally disarmed by their race and age. I hate when that happens.

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