Friday, July 27, 2007

Just want to share a pretty picture of the girls

This picture was taken last summer, almost exactly one year ago, circa 2006. We were out for Min's birthday... and she has another crazy one coming up! We need to remember to take another group picture, in the exact same order if possible.


minnie said...

wow already ey?
thanks for lettin me borrow your fab. dress dyy!
you was like.. "u cant go to dinner wearin what you have on min!" the sec. i put on that dress, i knew the party was ON.

what a beautiful souls and hearts!! will keep it alive!!! right mamas?

Anonymous said...

I looked like I just rolled off the bed and came to the party which exactly what I did actually. Didn't have a chance to dress up since we were almost 1 hour late. Will try to look as hot as you girls are this year.


divine styler said...

dressed slightly less fabulous than these ladies but still abfab, was the gentleman who took this photo.