Thursday, March 1, 2007

I'm doing it

It's official. Starting today for two months, I am now a lacto-ovo-pesco vegetarian. Excuse the latin. It means I still eat dairy, eggs and seafood. But no beef, pork, chicken, duck, etc. Blu-tooth has also decided to do this with me, but she's going to be strictly vegetarian. I'm actually excited and feel confident that it will not be difficult. I hope.

In preparation of the big day, I ate bacon all last weekend and had Korean BBQ for lunch yesterday. I had wanted to eat tacos from my favorite taco truck last night but Tron made dinner instead and made sure to include lots of meat. Of course that's how he regularly cooks.

Some have asked, why? Why forgo and deny myself the foods of the Gods? Besides the fact that vegetarianism is a more sustainable way of living, I'm just not interested in eating hormone-induced, genetically modified meats anymore. And I'm definately not going to eat cloned meats. So my goal is to try it for a couple of months to see how difficult it would be, if at all. I think it may be easier than we all think.


CuzzieND said...

I did this once in 5th grade. It was hard and I don't think I even lasted a week. Granted, you really have to doubt the level of commitment from a 10 year old and that you have to eat whatever your mom makes you.

I'd like to join you. But I want to wait until after I am back from S. America so I can indulge in the beef in Argentina. But hey, I'll be your support system from Chicago.

ctowngal said...

nice dyy. nice.

i could see myself trying your version of vegetarianism (con pescado , huevos y leche) but *sigh* i donno. i've been thinking about it...since i've been trying to eat healthier and think "greener" (like stop buying chemical-y household cleaners...bought a book about making my own beauty products...)

we'll see.

DYY said...

oooh... making your own beauty products? Nice. Let me know how that goes!

btw, vinegar and water is suppose to go a long way for household cleaners though I've never tried it myself. I usually use that combination plus a little soy sauce for my dumplings!

social conservative said...

I think you are wasting your time. This is the period in your life, where you have a job, some money and relative stability. So you start fuckin around. What if I become a vegetarian? What if I give up alcohal?
Think of all the barbeque ribs and chicken feet and steaks. Once you get over this stage you will regret missing all this good stuff (remember eating those ribs in your bathtub on a Saturday afternoon).

DYY said...

Yes, i miss ribs and chicken feet A LOT... especially in the bathtub!