Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Update on Struvites

This is an email to my co-workers in response to "Hey, have you heard from xxx yet?"

So after being ignored for several weeks, I call xxx and demand a status on my claim. Fortunately I have been sufficiently trained by our members on how to make such a request.

The Senior Claims Manager regrettably informs me that my struvite samples got LOST on route to the Quality Assurance Department. Like most urine samples, I guess the struvites eventually decomposed and evaporated into thin air.

The SCM then asks for my last sample (still in an air-tight envelope in my possession). I said NO WAY! Then she suggests that I conduct home experiments to determine the nature of the substance. She suggests:
  • Examine the substance to see if it's shaped like a crystal or a piece of glass

(I told her it looks like a piece of glass)

  • Try crushing the substance with your fingers

(I responded that the "substance" cut my mouth, I doubt I would want to crush it with my bare hands)

  • Pour hot water or vinegar on the substance to see if it dissolves

(I said um, no, thank you)

So she is now getting the corporate manufacturer to arrange for a third party to retrieve and investigate the final sample I have.

The struvite saga continues… I better get at least a nominal gift certificate for this...

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