Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sometimes simple is sweeter

Christopher totally scored on his birthday gifts. He received clothes, games and tons of toys. All of the board games were boring (since he's still four) but the toys were very flashy. I was jealous. For example, he received:
  • battery-powered "Shake N Go" race cars and delux race tracks with flashing lights and loud obnoxious race sounds;
  • a remote-controlled monster truck, also with obnoxious sounds;
  • a complete set of "Home Depot" plastic power tools (interestingly, he received two of the same set... I guess there was a sale at Toys R Us);
  • a miniture-size Harley Davidson motorcycle and motorcyclist that operates on an actual foot pump.
Per the recommendation of my sister who said the boys are obsessed with Thomas and Friends, I bought the boys wooden Thomas trains and Thomas toothbrushes and Thomas swimming trunks and pajamas. However, the item that Christopher played with the most is the construction paper I brought along with me:

I taught Christopher how to fly paper airplanes last summer, but we were limited to lifeless notebook paper. So this time I purchased construction paper with cool designs and colors. We already spent two afternoons making and flying airplanes. We even made spaceships by taping two airplanes together and fastening ribbons at the bottom to give an illusion of fire shooting from the engine as it soars through the air. My brother-in-law also joined in on the fun and began folding other types of airplanes. As you can see above, my skills are limited to one style.

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Grace Z. said...

My 3-yr-old used to LOVE the Henry train from the Thomas series. But now Henry's been bumped by Lightning McQueen of Cars. But ultimately he'd dump both those guys for anyone who's willing to play with him. Way to go Auntie Becca with the super cool fleet of planes!