Sunday, February 3, 2008


Thank God It's FEBRUARY! So much to celebrate this month. And, believe it or not, I'm beginning the February festivities with the Superbowl. I'm currently watching on Blu-Tooth's new hi-def 40 inch HD plasma TV!! Dude, I don't even know what that means except the image is really pretty. Crisp vibrant colors and no fuzzy lines. And from what I understand, all the households have one of these. It's quite the rage.

In celebration of Superbowl 42, I made guacamole for our taco bar. I also plan to make some Nestle Tollhouse cookies for dessert. As you can see, domesticity = special day.

I aspire to be domestic on these other special days:

February 5 -- Super Fat Tuesday
Making jambalaya and watching election results wearing underwear and mardi gras beads.

February 7 -- CHINESE NEW YEAR!
Maybe I'll mix my own dipping sauce for hot pot at Blu-tooth's.

February 14 -- Valentine's Day
Making chocolate chip cookies for all my hos and bitches.

February 18 -- President's day
Sorry, I'm straight chillin. Maybe I'll make chili and clean the bathroom.

February 29 -- Leap Year
Thinking of bringing twinkies and hostess cup cakes to Lady Pun's Leap Year party at her new downtown loft. Seems appropos with things you should do and eat once every four years. Ooh, maybe I should bring some acid too.

Happy February to All!

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