Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Another baby boom

(Dude, you can find the strangest pictures on the internet...)

So I have been watching local news because I do not have cable and, as a result, only am able to pick up two fuzzy channels (CBS & NBC) through the antenna (old school, baby!). Anyway, local news in Los Angeles is really, really stupid and is likely dumbing down Angelenos... but I did learn that the United States is now experiencing another baby boom, the first in 45 years! And the US is the only industrialized country to experience such an increase... hmm, could it be that the premise behind the movie, Idiocracy, could be coming true? Better get use to drinking electolytes then... it's what we crave!

All joking aside, I wonder if any of these procreators considered the ecological and fiscal impact of another baby boom? I'm not objecting to folks having babies, but I just wonder if any of this is a consideration.

It's interesting when people say that having children is the most self-less act a person can do... You know, I'm just not so sure of that....

"Humanity must drastically scale down its industrial activities on Earth, change its consumption lifestyles, stabilize and then reduce the size of the human population by humane means, and protect and restore wild ecosystems and the remaining wildlife on the planet." -- The Wildlands Project

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