Monday, May 7, 2007

Now a moment for our sponsors

I have both good news and bad news.

The bad news first.

The new energy drink COCAINE (as featured in a past posting) has been pulled from stores nationwide amid concerns about its name... despite that the drink contains no drugs unfortunately. The FDA cited as evidence the drink's labeling and Web site, which included the statements "Speed in a Can," "Liquid Cocaine" and "Cocaine -- Instant Rush."

You would think the FDA would be busy investigating and preventing the contamination of pet food rather than poo poo-ing on a company's first amendment rights. But I guess I'm wrong.

Now for the good news.

Filmmaker John Woo is presenting a new video game called Stranglehold (one of the sponsors of the VC Film Fest) that features no other but Chow Yun Fat and it looks GOOD. Coming in Summer 2007, it will be available for next-gen video game consoles. I don't know what that means, but it sounds hot. I doubt I can play it on my Sony Playstation from 1998 though. Drat.

The tagline for the video game is as follows:

Honor is his code.
Vengeance is his mission.
Bloodshed is his only option.

Dude, it sounds like such a classic John Woo film, it's awesome!

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