Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My Wednesday nights are free again!

I just finished watching the latest season of America's Next Top Model. It was so, so delightful.

However, I am a little disappointed at the Season Finale, which I initially thought would be 2 hours long. They announced JASLENE as the winner at the end of the first hour and then One Tree Hill started. Yeah, I felt a little jipped. Regardless, it was a good series.

Jaslene is a good pick. I am happy for her. She's the first ever Latina Top Model. And she's from Chicago. But, honestly, I was rooting for the Russian girl. I don't know what it is... there's something about Natasha that I really like. I would have reveled in her win more.

Alas, Tyra and her crew made their decision. Fortunately I trust Tyra and her crew to choose America's Next Top Model. They take their roles as judges very, very seriously.

I too take Top Model very seriously. I missed only one episode this season. And I made that episode up by watching it on-line at the official CW website. I have also searched for past episodes on youtube. During one of my searches, I found this gem:

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Social conservative said...

Well, now I know where my worse half (mwh) got her taste from. On a good TV day, mwh can watch America's top model, the designer competition show on BRAVO, the top 100 celebrity something on E and even the new hair styling competion show.
UCLA law really did fuck with your heads (I really don't have an alternate explanation).