Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Zen Mind

I also choose a theme every new year. This theme becomes my mantra, a conscious and directed way of feeling and living for myself. In 2008, my theme was BALANCE OXIDANTS WITH ANTI-OXIDANTS. In 2009, it was EMBRACE ZEN.

This year I'm going to EMBRACE ZEN again, because the art of zen cannot be accomplished in a mere 365 days. Along with this renewed commitment (I just decided today), I viewed my new 2010 wall calendar in the kitchen, a Chanuka gift from Hong Kong. Admittedly, when I first received the present, I overlooked the theme of the calendar and automatically assumed the passages alongside the Japanese calligraphy art were just cheesy Confucius-type-but-Japanese inspirational quotes. I didn't pay much attention, and instead thought the calendar was just part of Hong Kong's fetish with all things Japanese.

This morning while eating baked Ruffles with tomatillo salsa for breakfast, I finally paused and read January's entry, 16 days later -- "When you are very honest with yourself and brave enough, you can express yourself fully. Whatever people may think, it is all right. Just be yourself. That is actual practice, your actual life."

What a great quote! I must admit, I feel inspired. I actually feel better. Did I just experience a zen moment? I flip the calendar around and discover it's entitled, THE ZEN MIND.

Whoa. This is a sign for sure. Hence, I shall modify my theme to EMBRACE THE ZEN MIND. So here's to 2010 and embracing the zen mind. Wish me luck.

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