Monday, April 16, 2007

I'm metamorphosing into a hippie

I have been fearful of this. But it's slowly and unwittingly becoming my reality.

I was super EXCITED to receive Dr. Bronner's magic soap as a gift from Tonkhero, after I expressed my desire to also have a complexion of a fifteen year old girl. Read about the soap's organic ingredients that support and encourage sustainable argriculture, ecological processing methods and fair trade. Also, Dr. Bronner's missive on social responsibility is a must-read. He seems a bit crazy, but the man makes sense to me.

Then, instead of my standard fare of alcoholic beverages and/or store-bought goodies, I made a hippie dippie casserole for Minnie Mouse's potluck this weekend. The ingredients include... (drum roll, please)... mashed sweet potatoes, ground soy mixed with vegetables and organic nonfat plain yogurt, and organic refried black beans with organic gouda cheese sprinkled on top.

What is happening to me?? HELP!!


Tanning lotion said...

I think the older we get the more like hippies we become.

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Twiggy said...

hippies are cool!! lol!! flower power!!!

Social Conservative said...

You need to move to the east coast, to NYC if possible and I am sure you will lose the hippiness in the subway somewhere. But you might become a hipster instead of a hippie, and we will lose you somewhere in Williamsburg.

DYY said...

I heard Williamsburg is the SHIT yo... Respect!

DYY said...

Or I could move to Ben Stuy and become a crack addict. Better than a hippie, huh?