Monday, February 12, 2007

ABC and proud!

Here's a video of my favorite freestyle rapper, Jin, who is so fucken talented. And he's Cantonese!!

I began to follow his career when he first appeared on BET's 106 & Park. He was a contestant of Free Style Friday and won seven weeks in a row and was inducted in the show's Hall of Fame because no one could beat his chinaman ass. He was unstoppable. That same night, Ruff Ryders signed Jin to their record label. For real, he's really good... especially when his freestyle opponents get racist and talk shit about him being Chinese, he spits back with greater force and wit. He's my idol.

Here's his latest (thanks Tron, for real!)... he raps in Cantonese about the beauty of being American Born Chinese. Represent, bitches!

PS. He's in LA Chinatown!


Elaine said...

That was the coolest shit! I remembered catching Jin on BET but didn't know what happened to him after his record deal. Wow.

I love catching random bits/hits off your blog!

DYY said...

Good to hear from you! Yeah, I love Jin. Gnaw oy Jin!